Prof. Hans-Joachim Haas is Professor for music production and leader of this project. He is a member of the Institute and known for his long-time experience with recording, engineering and mixing.


Jindrich Massner (8th semester) is responsible for the technical set-up and especially taking care of the RME Micstasys and the Nuendo system. He does the editing of the samples and builds the HALion sample patches, which he will also use for his thesis, a work to determine how realistic a sampled church organ can be.

Christian Frentzen, as the youngest member of this project, is very into recording and sampling technologies. He has worked with several software samplers in the past and he also sampled instruments himself including his own Fender Rhodes piano. He is involved in planning and organizing as well as sample editing and documentation of this project.

Benedikt Aufterbeck completed an apprenticeship as a pipe-organ-builder. His professional experience makes him able to do some tunings, solve technical problems and attach the technical equipment to the organ. His interest in modern musical technologies is one of the reasons why he is also developing a new pipe organ controller to be implemented in St. Peter and Paul’s church in Ratingen. In further run of this project he is about to create a MIDI console being able to imitate the haptic behaviour of historical organ manuals. This could be an ideal keyboard to mimic different organs’ key response behaviours.


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Christian Halten is film composer and head of SKYLIFE Film Music. As a composer he worked in Germany and in Los Angeles on several movies including "Catwoman" and "The Ring 2". Furthermore he composed music for companies like IBM, HP, and BMW. In the field of software development Christian Halten leads a team that realized a new application to clone acoustic and electronic instruments by turning them into software instruments automatically: SampleRobot.

Ansgar Wallenhorst is the organist in the church “St. Peter and Paul” in Ratingen. He makes all the recording sessions at St. Peter and Paul possible and arranges everything for a smooth sampling session. He also takes care of the organ and the tuning process.