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An Example:

A musician would like to use sounds generated by his electronic or acoustic instruments within a computer based application. The sounds are to be reproduced in fine detail.


SampleRobot works fully automatically:

  1. Sampling of instruments which support MIDI communication
    In this case an external sound source must be connected to the MIDI ports and the audio inputs of the computer’s MIDI and audio interface. The software SampleRobot then sends out MIDI note messages and controller information, note by note. The external device gets the MIDI information and plays back the sounds. At the same time SampleRobot is in audio recording mode. Each recorded sample is automatically truncated, looped if needed, named, archived, and mapped. At the end of the capturing process each sampled key contains all information to recreate the external device’s sound on a sample base. After capturing one sound over the defined key range SampleRobot is able to send program change information to start capturing the next sound from the external sound device. After finishing the sampling process you can export your multi sample sounds to play them completely native in the computer within your favorite software sampler environment.
  2. Sampling of instruments which do not support MIDI communication
    SampleRobot is able to sample in a half automatic way. SampleRobot displays the key to be recorded before capturing. After you play the tone SampleRobot functions fully automatically the same way as for sampling MIDI instruments. For example, with this technique it is possible to sample acoustic drums via microphone or capture vintage synthesizers. Transfer all of your hardware instruments into software for easy computer-based production!


Advantage in speed:

For example: If you try to sonically capture all 88 keys from an electric piano with different velocities, it would take a 15 minutes minimum to record, truncate, name, loop and remap the samples for each key. Without a break a musician would work at least 22 hours to complete this annoying task. Independent from the computer’s speed SampleRobot needs only about 30 minutes to deliver an accurate virtual copy of the original electric piano sound that is fully playable. During this time the software works completely stand-alone and the musician can concentrate on more exciting things. This advantage in speed together with the ability to abstain from heavy, place hungry equipment and the possibility to combine new virtual instruments makes SampleRobot the essential tool for all musicians in the field of sound sampling.

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