SampleRobot clones real musical Instruments and turns them into Software Instruments automatically

SampleRobot is the unique audio sampling software solution for musicians and sound designers. For the first time it is possible to very easily clone real musical instruments automatically. So you can transfer your musical instruments very easily to the digital domain and then play them with any available software sampler.


SampleRobot is able to digitize any kind of instrument. When cloning MIDI gear, SampleRobot even works completely on its own. Just connect your instrument via MIDI and audio with your computer. SampleRobot will then "suck out" the sounds from the unit. If you like you can clone a whole synthesizer sound bank in one go. The good thing is that you can export your hardware instrument as various software sampler formats after the sampling process. You can play your new virtual instrument as if you would play your real instrument. Of course, you can clone the attack velocity characteristics of your original instrument as well. SampleRobot also enables you to transfer acoustic instruments and other instruments without MIDI very easily to the digital domain. User friendly, speedy and high quality - that's SampleRobot.


Individuality and Inspiration

SampleRobot is the ideal tool to enrich audio productions with extraordinary and individual sounds. Everybody can use prefabricated sound libraries. And everybody who uses them will sound similar. If you want to be original you should start with the sound. SampleRobot enables you to create personal virtual instruments and sounds very fast. This is a lot of fun and also very inspiring.

Benefits of SampleRobot

  • Fully automated "Cloning" of MIDI instruments
  • Fully automated "Cloning" of virtual instruments
  • Semi-automated "Cloning" of instruments without MIDI
  • Instant access to all instrumental sounds via software samplers
  • Work in other studios or on stage without carrying equipment
  • Mobile composing on a laptop computer with all original "hardware sounds"
  • Instant play: no wiring, no repairs, no loss of sounds
  • Perfect "Total Recall" for every session
  • Play monophonic instruments polyphonically
  • Convert audio sampling CDs into directly playable software instruments
  • Professional loop editing and Auto-Loop processing with WaveRobot
  • Including powerful premium Multi-Samples from famous synthesizers
  • Best value for money
  • Very easy to use
  • Big time saver

Who needs SampleRobot?

  • All musicians that do sampling or sample conversion
  • All sound designers
  • All sound library developers
  • Film composers
  • DJs
  • Laptop performance artists

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